Acrylic Pouring Paint Set - 36 Bottles
Acrylic Pouring Paint Set - 36 Bottles
Acrylic Pouring Paint Set - 36 Bottles
Acrylic Pouring Paint Set - 36 Bottles
Acrylic Pouring Paint Set - 36 Bottles
Acrylic Pouring Paint Set - 36 Bottles

Acrylic Pouring Paint Set - 36 Bottles

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Watercolor Journal 3.5"x5.5" 110lb 2-Pack Watercolor Journal 3.5"x5.5" 110lb 2-Pack
Watercolor Journal 3.5"x5.5" 110lb 2-Pack
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48 Colors Professional Watercolor Paint Set 48 Colors Professional Watercolor Paint Set
  • PRE-MIXED & READY TO POUR - This premium quality acrylic pouring paint has the perfect ratio of pouring medium already mixed in. It is easy to use that your can start your creative artwork right away!
  • RICH & VIVID COLORS - Comes with vibrant nontoxic colors in neon, metallic, pastel, and classic shades, 3 White and 2 Black included to make sure you can create perfect masterpieces with enough paints.
  • GREAT FOR DIFFERENT POURING TECHNIQUES - Dirty Pour, Flip Cup, Dutch Pour, Tree Ring Pour, Puddle Pour, String Pull Pour, and many other techniques. We also included 1 bottle of silicone oil for your create magical sell effect.
  • PAINT ON A VARIETY OF SURFACES - Pour these high quality paints on any surfaces you like (Canvas, Glass, Wood, Tile, Rocks), create one of a kind masterpiece to decorate your house or send it as a customized gift!
  • FUNTO CARES ABOUT OUR CUSTOMERS - Safe and non-toxic, conforms to ASTM D4236 & EN71. If you have any questions about the product, its quality or correct functioning, please contact us.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kevin Anderson
Sheer, but lends itself well to spacey themes

I am absolutely in love with the consistency of this brand! Lends itself very well to more spacey pours

Nice variety, good starter set.

Funto Acrylic Pouring Paint, Set of 36, 2oz Bottles, with Silicone Oil, Assorted Colors, High Flow Liquid Acrylic Paint, Pre-Mixed, Art Supplies for Pouring on Canvas, Glass, Wood, Tile, Rocks-

I wanted to get a beginner set to start pouring onto some clay pots I use. This set seemed like it would be good for me to start with. I was right about that in terms of the color variety. I love how many different colors I have to work with in this set. The paint is not very thick but it doesn't seem overly runny either. To me, it's a good viscosity for pouring. The patterns that it makes when the colors blend are so interesting.

Wide range of colors.

Good set for beginners. Not huge sizes but enough to try each one.

The price point seems fair for the set.

I like the viscosity of these for pouring.

None really. Though I am new and someone more experienced with art may feel differently.

Overall this is a nice set to start with. Lots of variety and enough of each to really get a sense of what I liked. I would also consider this giftable as it comes as a nice set. This has been fun and I can see myself doing more painting now that I tried it out on the terracotta pots. I like the way the colors blend and the designs that are produced look so cool.

Suzanne Amara
Lots of very attractive colors, a good value, paint a little thin

I do a lot of paint pouring---I've been obsessed ever since I first tried it! So I've tried a lot of brands of paint. This is a good one. I like the colors a lot, and there's a good variety of them. I love that there's metallic ones, neon ones, pastel ones---lots of choices! The paint pours easily and the colors don't mix so easily that you wind up with a brown mess, as with some paint sets like this! I've had a lot of fun making up some paint pour paintings using this paint.

I would say the paint is just a little thinner than I'd wish, which means it pours and moves around the canvas quite fast. I've learned to work around this, and sometimes it's fun to have paint like that, but if you were just starting out, you might lose a lot of paint off the edges of canvases. My only other issue was that three of the paint containers were stuck, because a little paint had leaked, and I had to use a lot of force to open them.

Overall, a very good deal on some quite nice pouring paint!

Robert Strecker
a neat set of paints that included all the right colors to make interesting images

Painting is something I always have appreciated. With an increasing interest in becoming involved with the process I have began to purchase canvases as well as paints. I like sets that include the metallic types as well as neon colors.
With this fun set of 36 paints from the Funto brand within the 2 oz bottle format, I have found a nice pack of paints that can cover a lot of ground. I like the cylindrical bottles, because that gives the user the option to use them as an applicator tool. The bottles can become a squeeze based applicator, that can combine a pouring technique with a more rapid thrust style. This option to use the bottle can be mixed with brushes and sponges, to fuse the way the paint makes contact with the canvas.
Some of my favorite colors in this set is the metallic blue, metallic orange, neon yellow and vivid tangerine. I like all of the colors but those really stand out for me. I am happy that this paint can be applied in thick blots that then dry like that. I like how the thicker paints such as the metallic variation look almost the same after drying. This is good because sometimes with acrylic paints the dry product looks a bit less interesting than right after it was applied.
To summarize, I am very satisfied with this pant set and am giving it five stars, because this product is fully realized in relation to the product description and claim.
I recommend this set which also comes in smaller sizes.

book girl Kat
Nice array of colors

This set contains 35 bottles (32 colors) of paint and one of silicone oil. I'm not exactly sure what the latter is for, since I'm only just starting to teach myself to paint, so I'll need to google that. As another reviewer mentioned, it would be nice if some instructions, hints, or even a website with tutorials and such was included with the set. But, as it is, I'll just have to experiment and see what happens. Sometimes, when learning a new craft, that's half the fun anyway, but it would have been helpful to have.

The colors themselves have a nice variety. 3 bottles of white, 2 bottles of black, and then one bottle each of another 30 colors (22 matte and 8 metallic). There doesn't seem to be a non-metallic brown, but I'm pretty sure I remember from grade school art class that you can get brown by mixing red and green, so that should be fine. It's been years since I painted, but I seem to recall half the fun was mixing colors to see what you get, and this one has plenty of colors to experiment with, and the bottles are big enough that a small experiment won't be a waste even if it doesn't come out right.

The paint pours easily and is fully liquid rather than the thick stuff you get out of tubes of acrylic paint. You won't be Bob Rossing with these paints, but I think they'll be amazing for painting miniatures or for using other techniques on canvas. And I imagine they'd be just the thing for that splatter painting technique I've seen in some places. For most things, you'll probably want to invest in some cups or pallets with little depressions in them.

The metallic colors aren't in-your-face with the metallic look, but I've experimented with a few and they have a lovely, almost-glittery sheen when the light falls on them. The other colors are a nice combination of vibrant, subdued, bright, and rich. There really is a nice variety and I think I'll have a lot of fun with these.